About Us

“be the food you eat, we represent health”

Market Fresh offers quality products that cleanse, heal and nourish, paving the way to a better, healthier version of yourself. We are a local juice and salad bar whose mission is to improve the health and well-being of our customers by providing them with clean fuel for the body, mind, and spirit in an inviting environment.

Our beverage menu consists of a wide selection of juices, made with fresh fruits and vegetables, an array of fruity smoothies blended with 100% real fruit and nutritious protein shakes that are filled with healthy and natural supplements for the body.

We have a huge array of wholesome foods on our salad bar menu. Our appetizing salads and wraps are ideal, with extremely high nutrient levels and low calorie counts. Fruity and nutritious energy bowls will satisfy anyone seeking a healthy meal. An exclusive Mexican menu with delectable tacos and burritos which add a nutritious yet exotic substitute for those health-conscious individuals.

We also pride ourselves in our Barbadian heritage, providing fruits, vegetables, and mouth-watering snacks that embellish our rich Barbadian history. From seasonal fruits like mangos and papaws to Bajan delicacies such as tamarind balls, nut cakes, and sugar cakes, our products will implore you to start living fruitfully.